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  • Corporate Fashion in Days of Zoom

    Do you think people notice what your accessories look like? Do they talk about it?

    Women have commented to me lately about how their fashion styles have shifted since Co-vid arrived. Working from home or in offices shuttered to the public has unleashed an opportunity to be comfortable, wear our favorite casuals. In fact, many jest that they only need to be business appropriate from the waist up.

    This is a great opportunity to focus your fashion style to your earlobes and necklines.

    If we look to local Canadian icons for the answer let’s look no further than B.C.’s Dr. Bonnie Henry, a high level, highly influential professional woman. Known for her Be Kind, Be Calm messaging regarding Co-vid protection, she is synonymous for her statement necklaces and shoes.

    Petite earrings and fabulous necklaces greet us along with her public health wisdom.

    Mrs. Joe Biden has statement pearls that have supporters dusting theirs off and wearing them to show support for the candidate.  

    This is a great time to try new styles that suit your face shape, personality and profession.

  • Do I need to spend a lot of money to buy a quality gift?

    Do I need to spend a lot of money to buy a quality gift?

    Not necessarily, sterling silver jewelry is a great choice for people who may be sensitive to metal allergies. Readily available in necklaces and earrings, sterling silver jewelry is available in many lengths, trendy styles and sizes.

    How to Choose the Right Gift of Jewelry!

    Three surefire ways to choose gifts they will love

  • Natural Cleaner for Jewelry

    Don't hesitate to buy silver because you fear cleaning it. This blog offers simple solutions you have at home to effectively and safely clean jewelry. No hard labor required.
  • ITCHY EARS? Your Jewelry Could be the Cause

    Itchy ears or Contact Dermitis affect many people, the culprit is often nickel in costume jewelry. One of the most asked questions from customers a...
  • Bridal Jewelry and Bling for the Besties

    Can you imagine bridal jewelry made out of Gran's old pearls?

    A skilled jewelry artisan can create gifts that complement the themes, colors or styles of the bride's jewelry. Jewelry is a lasting gift, a personalized gift that commemorates the day.

  • Jewelry or Jewellery? Too much or too little?

    If you like jewellery like I do, you may become a constant shopper and have earrings for every outfit. You may have thought, just how hard can it be to make jewelry? Or, you may have found an artisan like me who can make exactly what you want, in the color and length you need.

    Wearing jewelry today is about showing your style and good taste, not about your personal net worth. And it matters not if you spell it jewelry or jewellery.

    In my world of costume jewelry I use my computer to travel the world to find unique components to blend and craft into one of a kind artisan jewelry from unusual sources.

  • Did Eve Wear Jewelry in the Garden of Eden?

    Jewelry has been adorning bodies since pre-historic times and early civilizations thought of decorating the body before they considered clothes. Can you believe that there was more than twenty types of body jewelry? What's the connection between hunters, farmers and jewelry makers? Find out in Nice & Pretty Jewelry's May blog.