Bridal Jewelry and Bling for the Besties

Brides have one thing in common, they want to have the best day of their lives, celebrating the love in their life and look amazing. 

The dresses, the wedding themes and venues can be so very different and so too are the choices in jewelry and accessories. 

Working with a jewelry artisan who can interpret your taste, your neckline and your budget is a great option;  to create a one of kind earring or necklace for a one of a kind day.

Considering the dress neckline and sleeves, as well as the fabric is where we start. Is the fabric lacey and detailed? Is the bride wearing her hair up, is it short or is she choosing to wear it down? This determines the size and length of the earrings and whether the earring should be simple or ornate. A strapless gown in a simple fabric begs for a dramatic necklace and drop earring. 










A skilled artisan can create gifts of jewelry that compliment the themes, colors or styles of the bride's jewelry. Whether it is earrings, a          necklace or bracelet. 

There are at least 3 groups of people you want to consider on your wedding day. Any guesses? The bride and groom naturally. The attendants, male and female and the parents. No need to be stressed. 

Jewelry is a lasting gift, a personalized gift that commemorates your day. Bracelets for men and women? Necklaces for both with appropriate pendants on chains? Even without engraving these gifts will keep the wedding day and the couples appreciation in the attendants memory.

Can you imagine bridal party jewelry made out of Gran's old pearls? Would you like to bring a sentimental connection to your special day?

I can imagine and create just that. A piece of your history is shared amongst the strong and supportive women in your life. The example here came from a clients old pearls, a sentimental item from a relative but the client did not wear them. She does now! the contemporary design with stylish pieces fit her taste and lifestyle perfectly.

So what have we learned today? Handcrafted jewelry can be a stress free option for the entire bridal party and your something blue may have been Auntie's old brooch. Nice and Pretty Jewelry can answer your custom jewelry questions.

Recyled pearls in contemporary designed three piece set of jewelry keeping the sentiment of an antique gift

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