Corporate Fashion in Days of Zoom

Do you think people notice what your accessories look like? Do they talk about it?

Women have commented to me lately about how their fashion styles have shifted since Co-vid arrived. Working from home or in offices shuttered to the public has unleashed an opportunity to be comfortable, wear our favorite casuals. In fact, many jest that they only need to be business appropriate from the waist up.

This is a great opportunity to focus your fashion style to your earlobes and necklines.

If we look to local Canadian icons for the answer let’s look no further than B.C.’s Dr. Bonnie Henry, a high level, highly influential professional woman. Known for her Be Kind, Be Calm messaging regarding Co-vid protection, she is synonymous for her statement necklaces and shoes.

Petite earrings and fabulous necklaces greet us along with her public health wisdom.

Mrs. Joe Biden has statement pearls that have supporters dusting theirs off and wearing them to show support for the candidate.  

This is a great time to try new styles that suit your face shape, personality and profession.

Easy rules of thumb for choosing styles take into consideration your face shape, personality, what area of your body you wish to bring attention to and the occasion.

  • Round faces are close to a perfect circle. Longer chains or necklaces with leather cords or lariats that hang to mid chest are good choices. The earrings too could be longer and have interesting shapes beyond just rectangles.
  • Oval faces are slightly longer than the width. Lucky them, they suit almost any style of earring and necklace. Although a larger, round style like a hoop or interesting chandelier is a good one to consider.
  • Square faces are more obvious and these ladies may wish to take attention away from this stronger jawline. Necklaces that are curved and closer to the face offer a nice balance, this could include simple chains with a larger, interesting pendant. A chunky, statement piece would be fun. Larger rounded shaped earrings or dangling style are suggestions.
  • Heart shaped faces are wider near the cheekbone, then narrow to the jawline almost to a point. A great profile for shorter necklaces, they will bring a rounder balance to this narrower chin. Similar triangular shapes or dangled earrings will be a good bet. Consider the ear threader styles.
  • Diamond shaped faces have a more pronounced shaped than the heart, a bit sharper angle from chin to hair line. These ladies may want to look for necklaces that sit right at the base of the neck and for shorter drop earrings. Consider Swarovski crystal earrings with matching pendants on 16” chains.

 Consider also your skin tone. A cooler toned skin looks well with silver metal and reds or blues. Those with warmer tones may want to consider bronze metals, a great option to gold, along with topaz, orange or golden quartz.

You can often tell an extraverted person as they may tend to wear more dramatic styles, larger sizes and possibly many bracelets or rings. (This is definitely me!) For those more reserved or working in a highly regulated environment they may be the lady with a smaller sized ring or earrings. The artistic soul may favor locally made, unique pieces of jewelry they collected on a holiday.

 I have noticed that new moms or athletic clients tend to choose a very small earring while those women working in public offices appreciate pretty jewelry that draws compliments.

This could be the right time to switch up your style, affordably. Try something new.

If you need help choosing for yourself or gifts, it is a great opportunity to connect with local jewelry craftspeople to get their expert advice and recommendations. 

If you want to wear or gift jewelry that people notice then Canadian made @Nice and Pretty Jewelry is your fashion expert.

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