Do I need to spend a lot of money to buy a quality gift?

Not necessarily, sterling silver jewelry is a great choice for people who may be sensitive to metal allergies. Readily available in necklaces and earrings, sterling silver jewelry is available in many lengths, trendy styles and sizes.

Also colors, consider rose gold which is also made of sterling silver, but in a rosy, pinky shade of gold. Very flattering color and not one everyone this type of gift in their jewelry box.

Pendants can be comprised of stones, metal charms or sparkling crystals instead of diamonds.


Consider the quality choice; focal beads made of Czech crystal. The premium choice is a Swarovski crystal with it’s multi-faceted, light catching properties.  Crystal earrings and crystal pendants are popular choices with the majority of women. Swarovski crystal earrings are available in many colors, shapes and sizes. Nice and Pretty Jewelry also carries Swarovski crystal rings.

Consider purchasing matching pieces  and keep one item for another occasion. It shows your thoughtfulness and pre-planning.






Is the lady someone who appreciates natural, casual styles? Consider genuine stones that are available in a variety of shades from reds, grays, blues and even black. Quartz, Agate and Jasper stones can offer a more casual look like.  

These stones offer an extensive variety of textures, shapes and shading and are often very budget friendly. From deep greens to palest pink quartz.


A pretty, multi faceted stone on a simple chain or leather cord is a popular choice with our customers.

How to Choose the Right Gift of Jewelry

Three surefire ways to choose gifts they will love.

1.       Observe the recipient. Do they have pierced ears? Are their wrists small? Are their skin tones warm and peachy toned? Or cooler and the person looks well in reds and navy? Do they wear casual clothes or work in a professional setting? Are they tall? Dramatic or quiet personality? Is the person spiritual? Perhaps a stylish cross would be a good choice.

2.       Haven’t seen the recipient for a while? Not sure of their taste? Choose simple styles in necklaces like a fine chain made of silver with a small pendant or purchase a gift certificate from a trusted on line business that sells a variety of products. Ask the vendor about popular styles for teens this year.

3.       Can family members or friends offer suggestions or guidance? When you are with the person admire a ring or watch and chat about their favorite item and why they like it so much. Do they favor unique pieces bought on a holiday? This may suggest they appreciate one of a kind jewelry made by a local artisan. Is the person of slight build or more robust? This is good to consider when selecting a necklace length.

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