Jewelry or Jewellery? Too much or too little?

If you love jewelry like I do, well you might become a constant shopper and have earrings for every outfit. You may have thought, hey hard can it be to make the stuff and you maxed out your credit card at a hobby store and it is piled up in the back of a closet. Or you find a local artisan like me who makes one of a kind jewelry in the exact colors you want, the perfect length of necklace and oh yah she makes amazing bracelets to match?

This is all about finding that perfect balance when it comes to accessorizing your favorite clothes.  And can a girl have too much jewelry? And just how do I spell it? 

Lets start with the word. Jewelry comes from the Latin 'jocale' which means play thing. The spelling is your choice. Jewellery is European English and jewelry is American English. 

Women and men have been adorning their bodies since pre-historic times and were even buried with their jewelry. Yes bits of bone and fish teeth were really coveted back then. And if your hubby was a mammoth hunter, well, weren't you the queen of the cave flaunting full length strands of dinosaur teeth. 

Today, jewelry is affordable, easy to find and the variety of styles is off the charts. Not to say that bones aren't trendy, but semi-precious stones, glass beads, crystals and cork items look wonderful too. 

At one time and even now in many countries, gold is highly desirable and women own alot of it, signifying and displaying their wealth. In other parts of the world silver and pewter are preferred for the flattering contast to our skin tones and the affordability of silver to gold. 

In my world of costume, fashion jewelry, I travel the globe by computer to find unique components to blend and craft into one of a kind artisan jewelry. The fun of this type of jewelry is you can follow color and style trends. Psychedelic colors of the 70's may have returned in 2019 but you aren't going to lose sleep over the fact you threw them out in the '80's. We can have fun shopping for new trinkets to please ourselves or as gifts for the special people in our life without worrying if it will keep it's value or forming part of a dowry. 

Wearing jewelry today is about showing your style and good taste, not about your personal net worth.

Indulge a little or indulge alot, if you don't smoke, don't gamble or change cars weekly then, hey what will you spend your money on? Might as well be jewelry. Our 500 item catalog is a great place to start Nice and Pretty Jewelry.


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