What is a Druzy stone?


My customers are often interested in the type of stones I use and where they come from. One stone that people are keen to know about is a druzy.

Druzy is not a distinct type of gemstone, but rather a stunning formation possible with many gemstones varieties! Perfect for the very young and the young-at-heart, these beads make us feel joyful and playful.

Druzy are close-textured, fine crystals, forming on top of other minerals.
Druzy formation occurs often inside geodes. Most of us have seen these.


This beautiful natural formation makes for striking and trendy jewelry such as the silver gray earring and pendant set I made and pictured here..

Most Druzy beads on the market today are agate but other quartz, calcite, and garnet varieties are also possible. Druzy can be dyed and heat-treated easily, resulting in a gorgeous rainbow of colors and finishes.

Geodes are common in some formations in the United States (mainly in Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, western Illinois, Kentucky, and Utah). They also are common in Brazil, Namibia, and Mexico. Geodes are also abundant in the Mendip Hills in Somerset, England, where they are known locally as "Potato Stones."

Druzy is said to be a healing stone that helps fight depression and promotes stress relief

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