About Us

Love in Every Piece

My passion for creating art is not new, from crayons at age five to fine arts and fibre arts training in my twenties. I painted ladies lovely faces in my spa. At various times in my working life, my creative side was pushed aside in pursuit of happiness and a regular paycheck. Fast forward and my life included a move to my small city of Salmon Arm and back into the arms of my supportive and creative community of friends. And... with their encouragement I dusted off my “how to make jewelry” book and plunged head long into designing oodles of gifts for friends. When they all said NO MORE please, why don’t you sell it? I did, at Farmers Markets, in the mall and to local ladies fashion stores and spas. And to my great delight people liked it, bought it and my tourist customers asked me to sell on line so they could continue to support my work. So here I am, launching my hand made jewelry line to my friends and hopefully to new friends who will share my love of creating pretty and affordable jewelry.